THIS IS FILM: A manifesto

There seems to be a misguided perception out there that film is dead; a relic of a bygone era. THIS IS FILM is a community of enthusiasts who defy this idea, and a platform for us to share our work with others.

While it may be true that digital technology has revolutionized photography in recent years, analogue photography – like vinyl records and paperback novels – is still as relevant today as ever. Emulating the look of film with phone apps and advanced software is undoubtedly in vogue in our Instagram era but, like most things in life, the real thing will always be superior. In an age where taking a photograph has become an unconscious action, film photography reminds us that the process of producing an instantaneous interpretation of reality is truly alchemic. We refuse to take the magic of photography for granted.

Debating the merits of film over digital and vice-versa is redundant. It’s not about more realistic skin tones, greater resolution, or even more abstract ideas like the ‘soul’ of a picture. Those of us who still enjoy the analogue experience revel in the process more than the end results. We reject the idea that objective perfection is the end goal of photography.

The ethos is perhaps comparable to the ‘slow food’ movement – a response to the omnipresence of fast food outlets, snack-packs and microwaveable meals. Cooking and eating are merely a means to an end, yet even though it might require significantly more time and attention to slow-roast a leg of lamb as opposed to ordering a pizza, the added effort ultimately results in a more pleasurable and more meaningful experience.

Delayed gratification; the CLACK of the shutter; the whirr of rapidly rewinding sprockets; chance imperfections and happy accidents; silver on celluloid; shoeboxes filled with negatives… These are the things we love and appreciate about our medium. We think if you gave it a try, you’d fall in love too.

Not dead. Magic.