Thomas Pepler – not the Totems.

We asked Cape Town based Photographer and Designer Thomas Pepler what makes film so special to him:
My love for film started during my days at college where we would spend hours in the darkroom learning how to churn up our own images.¬†What captured my interest the most was the magic of developing and printing my photo’s.
Watching the shapes and shadows of the images appear before my eyes was a magical experience that has changed my life forever.
But it was only after inheriting my dads Minolta DX5 from the 1980′s, that I started shooting my own stuff.
Shooting on film changes the photographer. You learn to appreciate the world in a completely new way.
The beauty of film lies within the grain, the highlights and shadows that are formed by the tiny crystals within the film. It’s the happy mistakes like light leaks and dust&scratches that give the shots you capture a character that can not be ¬†found in any other medium.
Its a raw experience of uncertainty, trying to catch the beauty that you see before you in a photograph.
To me that’s the whole idea, and I’m constantly trying to capture that essence.’
For more of Thomas’s work follow his blog myluckyundiesarered. Alternatively check out some of his images below: